ELEKTRO-KOKON | 2010 | interactive performance



An experimental project at the edge of contemporary dance-theater, and interactive arts that puts at its core the human body and its movement using multimedia elements as a resonance effect. The performer becomes a resonator who transforms the audiovisual environment with his body, with the position, the exposition, the speed of his body. The dancer is “playing” his own music to dance and manipulating the video environment around him. 

A camera is mapping the carpet from above. VVVV is used to track the black color and connect it to sound and video, so that: the more the blacks in the frame, the more the frequency (sin, delay) and pixel (spins, vibes) variations. 

Direction: Mariano Leotta  
Visual Programming: Mariano Leotta, Emanuele Foti  
Performance: Gonçalo Cruzinha, Human Game
Sound Design: Kimya, Ex-directory
Video Shooting: Mariano Leotta, Tommy Ilai, Il Marza
Post production: Born Holmer

Sch10 Design Festival, Fabbrica Saccardo, Vicenza, Italy
Tool-kit Festival, Galleria A+A, Venezia, Italy
Athens VideoArt Festival, Technopolis, Athens, Greece